Spiritual Superstars

My Story

I grew up in the south of Chile being a super shy and insecure girl. I was bullied my entire high school years and always felt not good enough, I consider myself ugly and I grew up being a teenager with no smile in my face. I didn’t love myself and I was looking for love outside of myself, thinking I would be complete and happy then.

After going through several bad experiences with men and experiencing a bad breakup, I went into a deep dark hole of depression, self-destructive behavior, and low self-esteem. Until one day I said Enough! I need a change! And praying with tears in my eyes, one night in my old room in Santiago de Chile, my life changed.

To make a change in my life I need it to go through big changes and take big risks, and after years of taking anti depressives, I went into a deep transformational shamanic healing in the south of Chile, going though a Kambo and Rape ceremony.

That is when I started my spiritual journey letting go of the antidepressants, healing my heart and my mind and incorporating meditation and spirituality into my life. Two years later I experience the most transformational experience of my life, in Los Angeles California.

The MITT Basic training. Now I have a life in the country of my dreams and what I can tell you is to trust your process and believe there is a higher power guiding your way to become your best self!

My mission is to heal and empowered millions of heart around the world, to unconditionally love yourself, belief in yourself and you have the power to make your dreams come to. My mission is to inspire you to live a life filled with joy, passion and inner peace.

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